• Who We Are

    The Community Climate Hubs (CCH) program couldn't run without its amazing teams of people.

    Scroll between the photos below to get to know the REA and RO teams.

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    Community Climate Hubs (CCH) Manager

    The Community Climate Hubs Manager coordinates the program, oversees the Hubs, and manages the REAs and ROs.


    Currently, the CCH Manager is Hope Moon (she/her). You can get in touch by writing to contact@climatehub.ca

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    Regional Engagement Advisors (REAs)

    The Regional Engagement Advisors are dedicated to supporting organizing efforts in their respective priority regions. Currently, we have REAs in the Prairies, Quebec, and the Atlantic.


    You can get in touch with your local REA by writing to prairies@climatehub.ca, quebec@climatehub.ca, or atlantic@climatehub.ca.

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    Regional Organizers (ROs)

    The Regional Organizers directly support their region's Hubs to achieve the latter's objectives. Regional Organizers ensure Hubs are well equipped and plugged into the right networks to make change inevitable.


    You can get in touch with you local RO by emailing theirfirstname@climatehub.ca. For example, hope@climatehub.ca.


    Interested in joining and don't see an RO in your region? Find more details here!



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  • The Climate Reality Project Canada


    The Community Climate Hubs are an initiative of The Climate Reality Project Canada, and a part of the global community of The Climate Reality Project.


    Canadian Climate Reality Leaders prepared to give presentations on the latest science and solutions across the country.


    Global Climate Reality Leaders trained to communicate the science of and solutions to climate change.

    30+ Active Hubs

    The Community Climate Hubs helps to unite Climate Reality Leaders around municipal level climate action.