How to start or get involved with a Community Climate Hub and raise #LocalAmbition.


    Individual Sign Up

    Start by signing up to join a Hub in your local community. You will be either connected to your local group, or contacted about starting up your own Hub.


    Gather a Group

    If there is no established Hub in your region, start brainstorming work that a Hub could do in your community and people who may want to join you.


    Hub Sign Up

    Once you have a small group ready to get involved (we recommend at least 5 people), sign your group up!


    Start Organizing!

    Congratulations! The time to organize your neighbours to become activated citizens begins! The Community Climate Hub Manager, alongside your local Regional Organizer, will support your every step of the way.

  • By joining or creating a Hub in your community, you are joining a network of 20-30 Hubs across the country, ranging from small towns to major cities. This network allows for connections to be made with people doing similar work as you are, meeting experts in areas you are working on, and having fast access to the latest resources and organizational prowess.