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    Canadian municipalities make up almost half of the country’s GHG emissions, and are therefore a particularly impactful level at which to act in order to reduce our emissions and achieve climate targets. Climate solutions are also social solutions, as local climate mitigation and adaptation efforts can be vehicles for implementing and improving a city’s social equity.

    The Community Climate Hubs (CCH) program recognizes and believes in the power of citizens and grassroots community-led action in building social movements that propel municipalities forward to implement climate justice-focused policies, and works to empower and connect these citizens and grassroots groups across municipalities together through the Community Climate Hub model and overarching Hub network.









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    Accelerate climate action in your community


    Through broad stakeholder engagement, Hubs build public support for political leadership on climate change. 

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    Three Core Principles of Community Climate Hubs

    LOCAL : Acting at the municipal or neighbourhood level makes the change tangible and

    achievable, allowing relationships to form around a culture of transition.


    CITIZEN-DRIVEN : Political commitments require support for implementation. Citizen-

    led coordination using best practices in public consultation accelerates adoption of ambitious policy.


    DIVERSE : Hubs reflect and engage the diversity of their communities in order for every

    voice to be heard and for the most beneficial solutions to emerge.

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    Hubs help unify voices around a shared vision for a decarbonized and just future for their communities.




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