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The Winnipeg Climate Hub was founded in 2018

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Hub Declaration

Given that the City of Winnipeg has produced Winnipeg's Climate Action Plan, May 2018,


That the City of Winnipeg and its citizens, in accordance with the best scientific evidence, rapidly reduce our dependence on fossil fuels - with the aim of attaining carbon neutrality by mid-century (2050).

That the City of Winnipeg fully implement the Climate Action Plan to meet or exceed its stated goals.

In the near term, this means achieving reductions in greenhouse gas emissions of 50% by 2030, as well as developing resiliency through adaptation to immediate and expected climate threats.

In the service of these objectives, we propose that Winnipeg:

1. Carbon budget. Adopt a rigorous, ambitious, and systematic carbon budget that aligns with the best science.

2. Heating and transportation. Aim for the rapid decarbonization of energy used within the city - by replacing fossil fuel sources with sustainable energy sources, especially in the areas of transportation and buildings.

3. Data. Optimize data collection and make a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory available to the public each year, to allow the effective measurement of progress toward our reduction targets.

4. "Climate test" for projects. Apply each newly-proposed project within Winnipeg’s jurisdiction to a “climate test” by evaluating the GHG emissions over the entire life cycle of the project, including emissions beyond the city's boundaries.

5. Public participation. Ensure public participation in the planning and implementation of Winnipeg's transition to renewable energy, including the allocation of the resources necessary to ensure such participation.

By accomplishing this transition towards clean energy and a sustainable economy, we will be doing our fair share to lessen the impacts of climate change, while improving the health and well-being of citizens, both present and future.


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