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The Alberta Shift Has Begun

by Steve Bentley

· General

The whole world shifted for Alberta in 2014 and it never stopped shifting. The oil and gas rollercoaster economy that was all we’d ever known kept taking unprecedented hits from a dizzying array of sources, all of them global in scope and that would ultimately prove insurmountable for business as usual. Heading into 2022, Covid had forced the world to stop and consider just what it was we’d all been doing and reconsider what’s really important. At the same time, global climate disasters had ratcheted up to impact almost every jurisdiction in one form or another, making weak responses increasingly less tenable and the classic denialism that had held us back for so long reduced entirely to the extreme fringes.  

Alberta’s Climate Hubs are hitting the ground running in 2022, and why not? Recent Hub-sponsored polling showed formerly oil-and-gas-only Calgarians want to become leaders in the transition to renewable energy, and there’s every reason to think the same of Alberta’s other big cities. Time and time again, we Albertan climate activists have been saying this province has everything we need except the will to change, and that’s changing in a big way. If, like me, your beat is the global transition to a climate-friendly future, I promise you you’ll find no more interesting place than Alberta, and no better, more impactful group of folks to join than your local Community Climate Hub.  

Feb 16th at 7:05pm: A Climate Of Change Episode 4.2: Electrify Calgary 

The Calgary Climate Hub is assembling a top-notch power panel of Calgarians with a diverse array of backgrounds and expertise to discuss a key component of our city's Just Transition to Net Zero along a meaningful timeline to properly and prosperously address the Climate Emergency: ELECTRIFICATION.  

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