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The Okanagan Climate Hub was founded in 2020

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Hub Declaration

We gather to support the Okanagan community to become active climate citizens.

As part of the nationwide Climate Hub network, the Okanagan Climate Hub is a volunteer-led, non-profit organization that unites individuals, youth leaders, and organizations throughout the Okanagan for effective, cooperative action on climate change mitigation and adaptation locally and throughout the Okanagan Valley.  


All municipalities and citizens within the Okanagan to lead by example and undertake concrete, ambitious, and feasible measures to transition to a clean energy, low-carbon economy to achieve carbon-neutrality or “net zero” by 2050 in accordance with the best scientific evidence.

In the service of this objective, we propose Okanagan municipalities:

Emissions budget

Adopt a rigorous, ambitious, and systematic emissions budget that aligns with the bestscience and aims for a rapid decarbonization of the economy, especially in the areas of transportation and buildings.

Transparent and accessible data

Optimize data collection and make a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory undefined available to the public each year, to allow the effective measurement of progress toward our reduction targets.

Climate testing

Subject each project proposed in their respective jurisdiction to a “climate test” by evaluating the GHG emissions for its entire life cycle, including emissions beyond the municipality’s boundaries.

Public participation

Ensure adequate public participation in the planning and implementation of the respective municipality’s transition to renewable energy, including the allocation of the resources required to ensure such participation.

Climate Emergency Citizens’ Assembly

Establish a citizens’ assembly for the sole purpose of proposing new by-laws and action plans to Council, with the goal of creating a strategy and policy action framework to achieve net zero GHG emissions by 2050.

Okanagan-wide collaboration

Synergize with other Okanagan municipalities and regional districts to achieve net zero GHG emissions by 2050.

By accomplishing this transition towards a clean energy, low-carbon economy, we will be doing our fair share to lessen the impacts of climate change, while improving the health and well-being of Okanagan citizens, both present and future, and making the Okanagan a model of innovative and creative solutions in BC and around the world.

By signing our declaration, you are committing your voice to call upon your community to lead by example and initiate a transition to a clean energy, low-carbon economy and that you support the declaration of a climate emergency in your municipality.

You agree that ambitious climate targets, as outlined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), must guide decision making and timelines for action. This means municipalities within the Okanagan region will keep with the 

IPCC’s SR15 Global Warming of 1.5°C for the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from 2010 levels by 45% by 2030 and to achieve carbon-neutrality or “net zero” by 2050, and honour the goals of the Paris Agreement.

You agree with the need to address the climate crisis urgently, collaboratively, and equitably to ensure a just, holistic transition for all — avoiding unintended negative consequences on human health and the environment — and that you will support, encourage, and participate in community climate action, and developing knowledge of, and a resilience to, the impacts of climate change throughout the Okanagan region.

You pledge to help your community transition to 100% renewable energy, end all fossil fuel production and use, restore damaged ecosystems, have a respectful relationship with BC’s First Nations, pursue social and racial justice and equity, and co-create an economy that respects nature, workers, businesses, and investors.

By bringing your best self, your network, and your passion to the climate movement, and by working together, we can achieve these necessary targets!