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The Oakville Climate Hub was founded in 2020.

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Hub Declaration

The Oakville Community Climate Hub is committed to have its municipality meet the Canadian goal of Net Zero Emissions by 2050 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

To help the Town, its businesses, and its residents meet these objectives, we will monitor and report Oakville’s progress across key indicators following the Partners for Climate Protection plan under the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. As we track our progress, we will share our results and call upon our community leaders to expedite key initiatives in order to meet our goals.

In the service of these objectives, we will:
• Conduct a rigorous, ambitious, and systematic data collection initiative across key indicators put forth by the National Climate League in order to rank Oakville’s greenhouse gas emissions and quality-of-life benchmarks against a level, Canada-wide playing field.
• Ensure the data is made readily available to local leaders and the public, allowing us to effectively reveal the progress towards our emission-reduction targets and our objectives for a sustainable community.
• Call upon our local leaders to act and expedite key initiatives, with public and private sector participation, based on our National Climate League standings.

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