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Homeowner Priorities Short Video

By BF Nagy

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Here’s a short animated video that offers homeowners ideas for some of the highest impact proven climate change actions that you can take. Please consider them seriously because we have a big role to play in repairing our planet. Please also share this with other homeowners. Electric car incentives are excellent right now. Here’s a link to more info on them.

For home retrofit incentives I don’t have a nice link for the whole continent like with the cars, but if you live in Ontario, they have a great new retrofit incentive program that you can find here. Other provinces, states and utilities also have programs. With a bit of Googling you can save yourself some money on the purchase or financing of these important initiatives, then keep saving money while reducing greenhouse gas!

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Author of 150+ feature articles on clean energy. His new book will be published in October of 2018 by Rowman & Littlefield in Washington DC. It contains clean energy solutions and Top 10 lists of climate actions for all of us. Would you like to see your list? Learn more about his new book here.​

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