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Important: 3 Key Climate Change Priorities

By BF Nagy

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In 2018 this is the most important thing to tweet about because we’re out of time and everyone is a bit confused and scattered. We have to stop being intelligent and original and splitting hairs and doing the math on what’s possible and what isn’t possible. We need to simply act, and act now.

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We need to keep our message simple and focus on three key priorities, because then we can solve most of the C02 problem using well-proven, non-controversial solutions. Everything else might be important, but it’s less important.

1. Your home/building

2. Your ride

3. your vote

Spread this message to everyone because if we push the tipping point on these things we can probably survive.

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  1. Build zero or positive energy buildings. Retrofit your home or business building with very tight envelopes, and get rid of the gas.
  2. Buy a fully electric vehicle. Share rides.
  3. Vote for people who punish polluters, reward and finance clean energy retrofits and drivers, build transit, eliminate coal and gas subsidies, advance zero energy building codes, eliminate vehicle emissions, build wind and solar for power, not gas and coal plants.

Social scientists say now, at the solutions stage we need to keep it simple, talk about actions, build momentum. We can do this.

Tweet this out.

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BF Nagy is the author of 150+ feature articles on clean energy. His new book will be published in October of 2018 by Rowman & Littlefield in Washington DC. It contains clean energy solutions and Top 10 lists of climate actions for all of us. Would you like to see your list? Learn more about my new book here.

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